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I have not been successful in growing plants from the "babies".  Any suggestions on soil, depth, watering, etc.?

Thank you!

Hi Shirley,
Thanx for your question.  This plant is also known as Mother-of-Thousands or the botanical family of Kalanchoe.  I've had this as a houseplant on many occasions.  It propagated quite easily from the babies falling off the leaves onto the soil in the pot.  Have you tried taking a leaf off the plant that has a lot of babies on it?  Press the leaf into the soil.  The plant can tolerate a lot of dry conditions so don't leave the soil soggy.  Normally, the plantlets fall onto the soil and root.  Some of the smaller ones just dry up and die but the larger babies will often survive.  So, if you take a whole leave with babies on it and press that into some damp soil.  You should get some of the babies to root.  Water the soil from the bottom of the pot and make sure it doesn't dry out completely on the top until the plantlets root and start to grow.  I Hope this helps.

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