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I found this stone type seed on a beach on Ocracoke Island this past summer.  It is slightly larger than a quarter, oval in shape, and flat on the bottom. It also has what appears to be a seam that runs 2/3 around the seed. Would you know what it might be?  I like to try to grow it, but haven't a clue how to.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

Hi Dianne,
Thanx for your question.  Those seeds look like palm seeds.  Cabbage palm/sabal palm or dwarf palmetto seed.  Both are native to the SE part of North Carolina and some of the Outer Banks Islands.  You might consider showing the seeds to your local County Extension Horticultural Agent and s/he might be able to make a positive ID.  Additionally, seed from very far away can find itself washed up on the beaches of the Outer Banks.  Let me know if you want a contat for county extension by giving me your county.  I hope this helps.

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