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After cracking the peach pit and stratifying the seed in the plastic bag and wet paper towel in the frig for over 60 days, the seed has sproted a short looks like root.I've planted them 1 inch deep in potting mixand placed the in wetted potting mix and about 4 inches under a shop 4 ft. florescent bulbs. Within about a week the ends of the extremities of the tiny plant begin to brown and within days the plant is dead. I add water every day or two. In some cases their sitting over a seed grow heating pad.It seem I've got the stratification in the frig right, but somewhere in the planting in the rooted seed planting is wrong.Any ideas, please be very specific if you can. Dick

Dick, it definitely sounds like you are providing too much water.  When the soil is soaked, it suffocates the roots, causing the foliage to brown and the plant to eventually wither.  This is especially prevalent with young plants and seedlings.  

I generally water my plants once per week, or whenever the top 1" of soil dries out.  There are digital moisture meters available at the local garden centers which tell you specifically when watering is needed. I am attaching a link to one for your review. Depending on where you purchase it, they can range from $10 to $50.

Everything else you did is correct.  Just cut back on the watering, and your future plantings should be fine.

Good luck.


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