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Any suggestions on growing cherry blossom seeds that they have been 2 months in their seeds?
How im growing them is keeping some in black peat soil in the fridge, and other seeds in ziplock with kitchen paper moisting them. The third one is bettween plants in a rainy cold weather. m i doing anything wrong?

And last question is i got a 2 month old mimos pudica still sized 4cm, but suddenly they started to die from overwatering from the rain, then i moved them inside and leaves started coloring red and they do not close when touched or at night, they all died and i got last 2 plants, any ideas how i can revive them? Type of fertilizer? Different soil than black peat? Indoor or outdoor (outdoor weather is very cold, rainy, no sunlight, and vefy windy.)

Thank you :)

Hi Yousef,
Thanx for your questions.  You are correct in that the cherry seeds need vernalization or cold treatment. About 120 days is good.  Keep the seeds in damp soil in the refrigerator, sealed inside a plastic baggie.  You can also use damp paper towels (kitchen towels) and wrap up the seeds in this and then seal in a plastic baggie and keep in the refrigerator 90-120 days. After the cold treatement, return the pot to a warm place/plant the seeds in a pot of good potting soil about 1 inch deep and keep warm.  Germination can be as soon as a couple weeks or could be sporadic over a period of months.  

As far as your mimosa pudica goes.  I would allow the soil to dry out somewhat and then I would only water once a week or so depending upon how dry the soil gets.  After that, you can dress the pot with well composted cow/horse/sheep manure...this would be manure that has cured for 6months and no longer has an odor to it.  It is perfect for using as a safe, non-chemical, natural fertilizer.  I would only apply every couple of months.  Sometimes leaves turn colors because of nutrient deficiencies.  The excess water from the rain may have leached out a lot of nutrients.  Red can also come from the plant being injured from cold temperatures or lack of sunlight. I could say your plants are probably beyond help but you can place the pots in a sunny window and keep them warm and give them 10 days to recover.  I know this probably isn't very helpful but it's hard to gauge without seeing the plants.  I hope this helps.

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