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mike, I cut about 12 inches off of my fig tree last fall. I put the branch in water in a large jar and put it in my basement where it is cool and dark and I forgot about it. last week I went to look at it and it spouted leaves and small roots. I brought it to my kitchen where it is warmer and lighted and it looks fine. I want to remove it from the water at this time so I could plant it in the spring. i live in new York city, any advice on doing it correctly.

Tony, the first step is to transplant it into an 8"pot filled with good potting soil. I would nurse it through this summer by keeping it in a sun-lit window and watered once weekly.  Every third watering, add a diluted amount of water-soluble fertilizer at 1/3 the recommended amount.

The best time to transplant is early fall.  That gives the plant several weeks to establish before the weather turns cold.  The plant will then go dormant through the winter, and then recover on it's own by next spring.

I hope this answers your question.  Good luck, and stay warm.  Spring is right around the corner.



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