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tom, I cut about 12 inches off of my fig tree last fall. I put the branch in water in a large jar and put it in my basement where it is cool and dark and I forgot about it. last week I went to look at it and it spouted leaves and small roots. I brought it to my kitchen where it is warmer and lighted and it looks fine. I want to remove it from the water at this time so I could plant it in the spring, any advice on doing it correctly.

Hi Anthony,
Thanx for your question.  Make sure you have a suffient rootball/growth.  Go to your local nursery and get a quality soil less mix and pot the cutting up gently and water it.  Keep it watered so the soil is damp but not soggy.  The root growth will benefit from some bottom heat.  On top of the fridge is a great place or by a heat register or radiator.  You'll have to check frequently to make sure the soil doesn't become parched or that it is too warm for the plant (wilting).  After about a month like this, start feeding the plant with half strength 12-12-12 liquid fertilizer.  Follow the directions on the package and then dilute it by half.  Move the cutting to a sunny window with southern or eastern exposure.  The plant should be ready to go back outdoors in May depending upon how far north you are.  I hope this helps.

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