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Our lovely tree grew so big that I recently cut off branches so we could still see off our deck. I couldn't bring myself to throw away these healthy branches and put them in a huge tub of water, which then became ice, then thawed again to water. The branches have continued developing so they are now all covered with blossoms just like the original tree. Is there any way I can root the branches? My son has a huge property and is planning to grow vegetables for sale to add to disability income. If he can get these growing, he will be able to sell these as well.

Judy, the process is actually very easy. Simply prune off a 6-8 inch supple shoot. Remove all of the leaves with the exception of the top set. Dip the cutting in a rooting compound (this product is readily available at most garden centers). Stick the cutting in a 6" pot filled with fertile potting soil. Water the soil deeply until it drains out of the bottom drainage hole. Cover the pot with a clear, lightweight plastic, and place the pot in a window facing toward the southern part of the home. The cutting should root within three to four weeks, and can then be cared for throughout the summer as you would any other seedling before transplanting. Your deck or patio is an ideal location to nurse the plant.

I have one piece of advice to ensure your best chances for success.  Do not transplant the new seedling into the yard until early fall.  Fall is always the best time to transplant bushes and trees.  This gives the new plant all summer in its pot to acclimate to the outdoor conditions, and the root system all of September and October to establish in the ground before the plant goes dormant in mid-November. The new growth will then occur naturally next spring.

I hope this answered your question. Please write again if I can ever be of assistance.



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