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Hi Mike,
What type of soil mixture should I use for blueberry cuttings and what size of pots should I use to start them in? Also how often should I water them(when the first couple inches is dry or more often)?

Thanks for any help,

Cloyd A.

Cloyd, I prefer to use a good potting soil with water-retention capability. Miracle-gro makes an excellent product, which also includes a slow-release fertilizer.  You can start the cuttings in 6" pots and then repot them into 10" and 14" containers every couple of months as they grow.

In regard to watering, you are exactly right.  Water deeply once the top few inches dry out. Deep watering encourages the roots to grow down vertically straight rather than reaching for the surface when the watering is shallow.

I hope this information helps.  Good luck, and enjoy the weekend.



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