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It appears I have lichen grown on half of my rose of sharon. The healthy half of the schrub/tree is growing, leafing up, but the lichen covered branches show nothing at all.  It has not been necessarily wetter that normal this year.  We are in the North east US.  The tree is almost 13 years old.  I hope you can advise me as it was planted as a memory.
Thank you kindly

Hi Merry,
Thanx for your qeustion.  NOrmally, lichen has no adverse affect on trees and shrubs and is found often on the bark.  It is highly probably that those branches with no growth are in fact dead from some other reason.  Snap a few ends of the brnachs.  If they snap easily and are dry inside, the branches are most likely dead and could have died from a number of reasons. I would trim away all the dead growth and dispose of it to help prevent spread of whatever it might be.  You can also take in a sample of the branch to your local County Extension Agent and they will usually diagnose the problem for free.  Send me your state and county and I will send you contact information.  I hope this helps.

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