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Two questions, actually, about potting tree seedlings.  First - we have a 6" seedling from a copper beech planted in a terracotta pot on our porch that gets about 2 hours of late afternoon sun.  Is that sufficient sun for this particular tree?  Secondly, we have many Japanese maple seedlings around our yard, varying in size from 6" to 3'.  If we're planning on re-planting them on a different property, what is the ideal size for them to be when we dig them up?  Thanks!

Hi David,
Thanx for your question.  I don't think two hours of sun is enough time for adequate growth of the copper beach.  It may live, but it will be stunted and disease-prone.  I recommend 6-8 hours at least.  As for the Japanese maple seedlings, allow them to get a few inches tall and then transplant them to separate pots.  Allow them to grow out to a foot or two, fertilizing them and keeping them well watered.  You can skip the pot if you can maintain a weedfree environment for the seedling in its new home in the ground.  I hope this helps.

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