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I have asked this question before of other volunteers, and they all turned it away. It can't be that hard for anyone familiar with day lilies! My son gave me a lovely day lily for Mothers day and I planted it properly. About a week later I found the stalks on the ground, as if something had chopped them off from the ground level. I suspect a mole, not sure. What I did was take the stalks and put them in a glass of water as if to "root" them. I realize they don't actually root, but I couldn't throw them out; I love and respect plants too much! please help me somehow. I have never grown lilies before, though I know they are easy. I just haven't. Maybe their bulbs are still intact, in which case should I dig them up in the Fall or leave them to begin growing and blooming next spring? BTW, the stalks in the water in my kitchen are still nice and green, healthy looking; they just aren't "rooting"; not that I expected them to! Should I dispose of them?  I live in NC, zone 7B.

Hi Patricia,
Thanx for you question.  You will not be able to root a day lily from the stalks in water.  I'm sorry to hear about the lilies being damaged.  It sounds like either some type of rodent or even deer will do this.  Now, that you have your day lily planted in the ground, the rhizomes (bulbs) will continue to grow and will reproduce more rhizomes until you have a nice patch after a few years.  Daylilies are very hardy and should do well in North Carolina.  As for the stalks in the vase, I would dispose of these as soon as they have become spent/wilted.  You won't need to dig the day lilies up.  They will over winter just fine and come back next year with more blooms.  I hope this helps.

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