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do you have any knowledge of plant breeding?

Can you cross a purple hibiscus that does NOT produce seed, with a blue hibiscus that DOES produce seed, and get a hybrid of the 2?

Hi Kayla,
Thank you for your question.  I am not an expert in hybridization but I know a little about about genetics and the basics of hybridization.  In my experience, I would think that the only way one could get a hybrid is from two plants that produce seed through sexual reproduction.  This means that the pollen (male component) comes from one plant and the seed (ovum -female component) is produced by the other plant.  The only way I would think one could hybridize a sterile plant (a plant that does not produce seed), is through genetic manipulation in a laboratory.  Someone would have to take the genes of the one plant from a cell obtained from that plant and splice them into a cell or ovum of the other plant.  These are called genetically modified organisms (GMO) and it is being done with corn, soybeans and other food crops.  That's about it, as far as my knowledge goes.  I hope this helps.

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I have been growing plants from seeds for at least 20 years. I have grown literally hundreds of different kinds of vegetables, trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, tropicals, some cacti, water plants, iris, rose, lilies, cannas, etc. I enjoy starting from seed.


I've been growing my own seeds for 20 years with indoor propagation equipment I built myself. I am also an Allexperts volunteer on the perennial forum. I have completed the Master Gardener course through the Kansas State University Extension. I have experience with a wide variety of seeds and I have also read through Norm Deno's books on seed germination.

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