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What type of soil is best for the Texas Olive Tree?  I live in an area where the soil is very sandy.  Will the tree survive in this type of soil?

Hi Linda,
Thanx for your question.  The Texas Olive Tree (Cordia boissieri) will thrive in most soils as long as they are well draining.  If your soil is sandy, that should be fine.  This is a drought tolerant tree so it does well in the dryer, hotter parts of Texas, most notably along the Rio Grande River.  It will drop its leaves in the winter if the temperature falls below 20F for long periods of time.  It should stay leafy and green otherwise.  The fruit is slightly toxic although I have heard that a jelly is made from the fruit.  I don't know much about that so you might want to check with your local County Extension Agent on that.  If you are planting a young tree, I would water it periodically (once a week) to ensure good,steady development and development of extensive root system.  The extensive and deep root system is what is going to keep this tree alive in a free-draining, dry environment.  I hope this helps.

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