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Seeding and Propagation/Prpagating Italian Cypress


Hi Tom,
What is the best way to propagate Italian cypress (Cupressus sempervirens; by seed or by cutting?

When propagating by cutting:
- Which part to cut (lower or upper tree. hard or soft wood)?
- When to cut and plant (which months)?
- Do I need to use treating hormone? which type?
- What type of soil shall I use?
- Do I need to cover the planted cuttings with plastic bag?
- How long does a cutting take to root and start producing new leaves?

When propagating by seed:
- When to sow the seeds (what month)?
- What type of soil shall I use?
- Do I need to stratify / scarify the seeds and how?
- how long does it take for the seeds to sprout?

I have plenty of seeds that I collected from mature tree; how do I store them for future planting? How long they can be stored?



Hi Osaam,
Thanx for your question. I answered a question like this a few years ago.  Here's a copy of my answer (this is on cuttings).  I'm also including a link about starting the plant from seeds.  I hope this helps.

Take cuttings of Italian cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)during February. Required dormancy should be complete by this time on the past season's growth. Don't take old wood as part of the cutting.  Use only the past season's wood.  You will be taking a tip cutting two to three inches (5-8cm)in length. Dormancy is satisfied by cold temperatures(35F/2C and below)for at least 6 weeks. Like many deciduous trees and conifers, this cold period is required for breaking the dormancy periods.  Basically, you can root cuttings any time of the year, but your best chances of success are using the guidelines above.  You can use perlite or sand as a growing medium.  There are also professional media available at larger nurseries.  I really don't know how quickly Cupress grows from a cutting.  Many conifers are slow to get started so you may want to use that as a guide.

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