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Seeding and Propagation/Apple seed In Ghana


Kevin Hauser wrote at 2010-05-04 02:01:06
Yes Eric, apples are grown all over Africa from Ethiopia to Zambia.  Anna and Dorsett Golden are the most popular varieties and are wonderful in your climate, often producing two crops a year.  Other varieties grown are Rome Beauty, Granny Smith, Lady Williams, and Golden Delicious.  Promising new varieties are Williams' Pride, Dixie Red Delight, Red Boskoop, and Bramley Seedling.

Do a Google search for "growing apples in a warm climate" to get more information and to find nurseries that export to Africa.

Mo Bishopton wrote at 2014-01-06 12:17:25
Hello, I'm in Nigeria west Africa and I tried to grow apple. My sister bought some big lovely apple probably imported from south Africa. so I decided to grow the seedlings. And to my suprise I saw the first leaf come up under 2 weeks. I planted it in a small container, and left it in a cool place no sunlight. And I've transplant into my garden where there is shade no direct sun and I water it every morning and evening. And its really growing I hope flower comes out and I get the fruits.

Kofi wrote at 2016-11-05 09:35:12
Yeah we can grow apples in Ghana. I have successfully sprout apples and they are grown, about two weeks old. I put the the seeds on a dumped paper towel and put it in a fridge not the freezer for about 2 weeks and the sprouted in the fridge and I planted them in a cap when the young root was about an inch long. I read it from a site and tried it last year but all the seedlings died because  maybe it grew to big in the cup. It's just a trial and was proving it to my basics school student if all conditions necessary for germination of a seed is met we can grow apples in Ghana. I really wish I can grow apples  commercially but I read the sweet ones from the grocery stores produce seeds which won't be tasty and they need to be grafted to a known sweet variety which is not available in Ghana.

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