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leslie kerr wrote at 2011-12-03 09:00:41
I grow avocados as a hobby, they make nice house (unusual) plants

I think the secret is not to over water & water from below. I have yet to plant one out doors, but not sure if the weather here is right for them, I would welcome any comments .

Rue wrote at 2014-11-23 18:54:56
I have been very successful in growing avocados from pit and have lived in many different states (Connecticut, New Jersey, California, and Florida).  I never change my method.  I stick toothpicks all around the pit pointy side up.  I get a glass with water and put it hang prop it on the glass. I place it near my kitchen sink so I won't forget to add water when the water is not touching the bottom.  When it gets a few good healthy roots at the bottom and it has a plant sprouting out, I put it in a pot full of soil and watch it grow.  I currently have 5 trees in varying sizes (3 feet to 7 feet. In cold weather states I leave them in the pots and change it to bigger pots as it gets bigger and in Florida and California they were planted outside.  I hope this helps anyone wanting to plant.  

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