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Seeding and Propagation/growing cherry trees from pits


sophial wrote at 2010-05-29 11:55:28
I have 4 plants of rainier cherry trees which I grew from pits. I eat the cherries and trough the pits on my garden, just beside my home, a protected area. Now the soil was highly fertile, a compost which i made from my kitchen waste. I put them in good soil in a protected area/beside my home here in Quebec, Canada. Regardless of this country harsh winter the trees are doing just fine and often i get some more trees from fallen cherries! Two of the trees at this time are loaded of fruits, now the birds love them too and I have to make sure i pick them up before the birds eat them. The trees will take many years to provide fruits, but just a few years to produce flowers. The first tree produced fruits after 10 years, but the fruits are exactly like the ones i planted, they are ‘Rainier Cherry’ and they are sweet and juicy. I plant every seeds from my favourite fruits in the same way and they grow after a while; some seed might take one to two years to sprout (like my peach tree) and some plants just die soon after a harsh winter, like my Mango plant. And unfortunately, other seeds just die here in the very cold winter. I am a fanatic of seeds, and have a large collection of them. I also planted apples, and grapes seeds and they also grow nicely.  After you plant your seeds, make sure you recognize the sprouts, or you will end up removing them mistaken by weeds. Now I have a new home with a large lot, so I am growing Pear plant from seeds too. Good Luck.

benson wrote at 2013-06-01 15:23:46

Since almost 6 years have passed, how is the tree growing?  


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I've been growing my own seeds for 20 years with indoor propagation equipment I built myself. I am also an Allexperts volunteer on the perennial forum. I have completed the Master Gardener course through the Kansas State University Extension. I have experience with a wide variety of seeds and I have also read through Norm Deno's books on seed germination.

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