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John wrote at 2010-10-05 05:02:51
The reason is the same as they replaced Morty and Frank, the actor just wasn't good enough to carry the part - he's just flat!  The second actor McCoy had much more flare and held the part much (much) better, just compare the footage of actor one to the second and that tell you everything.

Crackster wrote at 2014-05-18 04:04:55
The decision to use a different actor to play Lloyd Braun was a stroke of genius.  The first Lloyd Braun - prior to the psychosis - was confident, handsome, and an important city official, enough so that Elaine was excited to be with.  The second Lloyd Braun was an everyday guy who had no chance with Elaine.  The actor who played the first Lloyd Braun cold not have pulled off the part of an everyday, unsure of himself character like the second Lloyd - and vice versa.  Unlike the changes made with Jerry's dad and Mr. Lippmann, which agreeably were due to more capable replacements with much more personality, both of the actors who played Lloyd Braun provided their own unique talent to two memorable episodes.

Becca wrote at 2016-11-16 06:03:21
Peter Keleghan was unable to continue with Seinfeld due to VISA issues.  


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