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Hi Julie,

I couldn't give notice to my day care of 30 days.My child stopped going to day care a week before the new month start.So basically I didn't receive any services from them for which I had written them a check for.
I did,however verbally told them about my last month few months back.Does verbal notice works in California?
How should I ask for my child's contract copy from them.I asked one time but they told me to come next week.I do not have a copy of that contract and I believe they didn't renew the contract with me this year either.
Thanks a bunch

I'm so sorry but I have no idea about the contract laws in California. Here, if you pre pay, you need to give the 30 days notice in writing. Since they will not show you the contract, you might be able to file a lawsuit in small claims court to get your money back.


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