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tonyb wrote at 2014-11-13 10:09:43
good to read some common sense.

if your defense is sound, and the bad person assaulting you cannot strike effectively then you are safe. do not talk - do and then go....

multiple attackers - Run, your cardio should assist...

sharp weapons - remove wallet and empty it onto ground and do some cardio training...

projectiles - if your not in close and not skilled , you can talk yourself to safety..  

Dr.Bombay wrote at 2014-12-04 08:44:47
While this is a nice and detailed answer, one thing the author says bugs me: How are you supposed to know whether the attacker is going to kill you or not? Will you look into your handy crystal ball?

What or who guarantees he will 'just' punch your lights out, or 'only' break your nose? He might not even intend it; there are instances of people killed by 'mere' punches.

So anytime real punches, with intent to injure, start flying, it must be considered a fight for your health or life. Any law that punishes you for that is a bad law.  

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