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hello sir,
         my question is simple that are all martial arts not worthy to be included for self defence or are there other techniques other than martial arts used in SD so if some MA are important what are those i know karate,taekwondo etc are now for show only what about krav maga or systema i am not talking about relying on them but only be prepared for some bad if it happens after all saftey.please comment if you have any other good idea I dont want to waste my precious time in practising hundreds of martial arts because we have to take care of our family and life we are not bruce lee to tarin 12 hrs a any furthur advice is great for my help.thank you.

Hi Nishant,

Thanks for your patience.  All martial arts have their strengths and weaknesses.  A lot has to do with how you train and how often (ex. # of days per week) in an art.  For example, if a person trains for several days a week in tournament Karate, there may be a risk of not inflicting the most of amount of pain in the least amount of time since they are used to sparring under a set of rules which including limited targets to the body.  Some of the best martial arts which require the least amount of time to learn are those that emphasize gross motor/natural movements.  Styles that come to mind are Western Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing.  Weapons, including improvised, ex. pen, ash tray, etc.) are great equalizers for the untrained or novice.

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