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hello sir,
         my question is simple that are all martial arts not worthy to be included for self defence or are there other techniques other than martial arts used in SD so if some MA are important what are those i know karate,taekwondo etc are now for show only what about krav maga or systema i am not talking about relying on them but only be prepared for some bad if it happens after all saftey.please comment if you have any other good idea I dont want to waste my precious time in practising hundreds of martial arts because we have to take care of our family and life we are not bruce lee to tarin 12 hrs a any furthur advice is great for my help.thank you.
well i just want to say that i love your comments you make on asking the question head that says dont ask the q if you are not prepared for answer... dont worry i give you 10 on 10 what ever be the answer.


I am not being flippant by giving a short answer.  The reality is that ALL martial arts are useful for self-defense.  Hence the etymological foundation of the term "martial," suggesting war or military life.  Arguably one style or discipline can be applied more effectively for one purpose or another, but for self defense they are all perfectly suited; from tai chi to tae kwon do and everything in between.  

My suggestion is to begin learning whatever style is being taught near you and is affordable in terms of cost, convenience, and comfort.  Focus on one art and begin training slowly but deliberately.  In short time you will be very proficient.          

Jeffrey Hauck, JD, CPO, CII, PI

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I would welcome the opportunity to answer questions regarding mixed martial arts (MMA) styles and traditional aspects of Karate, Tae Kwon-Do, and Self-Defense.


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