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hello sir,
         my question is simple that are all martial arts not worthy to be included for self defence or are there other techniques other than martial arts used in SD so if some MA are important what are those i know karate,taekwondo etc are now for show only what about krav maga or systema i am not talking about relying on them but only be prepared for some bad if it happens after all saftey.please comment if you have any other good idea I dont want to waste my precious time in practising hundreds of martial arts because we have to take care of our family and life we are not bruce lee to tarin 12 hrs a any furthur advice is great for my help.thank you.

Hi Nishant,

It's an interesting question that you are asking, and one that I hear quite often.  Usually I get people asking me, "Which martial art should I choose?" or "Which martial art should I put my child in?"  Well, to be honest, it really depends on what you are looking for.  

It appears to me that you are more interested in how the martial arts can benefit you in terms of self-protection.  Here's the can learn the physical techniques in any martial art based on what it is you want to learn the most (karate - punching/kicking, judo - throwing/joint locks/choking, and taekwondo - kicking), but the test that separates them all is how the technique is applied.  

The major difference between 'Combatives' or 'Reality-based Self-defense' (RBSD) and 'traditional martial arts', is the former focuses solely on self-protection in it's simplest form.  That's it.  If it does any more than that, it's not Combatives/RSBD.  If a Krav Maga school is available and you really want to learn how to protect yourself, that would be the choice I would make.  From what I understand, Krav Maga is incorporating more striking in their curriculum...which is really important.  Another factor that you may want to consider is the mental game or the psychology of violence.   This is a critical aspect in learning self-protection - one which should encompass 90% of your ability to manage a crisis situation.  Traditional martial arts spend little to no time in this area.  Things like awareness, personal space management, behavioral cues of an aggressor, fear management, pre-emption, state management, how to maintain a positive assertive profile, and legalities, are all pre-conflict tools that can help you prevent or deal with the threat at hand.  How about modern ballistic, impact, edged, and aerosol weapons management?  Traditional martial arts don't cover those either.

Once again, I have a huge amount of respect for the martial arts...I happen to have a 4th degree black belt in traditional Jiu-Jitsu.  But in all good conscience, if you are looking self-protection training, look for a good Combatives/RBSD school like Krav Maga.  

If I can leave you with 2 final thoughts:  
1) Learn about prevention...avoidance and escape should be the goal.
2) Learn how to hit VERY hard!  

Good luck,
Conor MacPhee

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