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hello sir,
         at first i want to tell something about me to understand the topic better i am or say i was an avid lover and practitionar of martial arts basically every thing and style that i think helps to improve me my body my conditioning i remain thinking more and more about body,its powers and how to be no. 1 and always found that every style is incomplete so i want to create my own style not like all others but which truley gives a power that will not diminish with age thats from yog not yoga.i suceeded in doing so.
         Now sir the problem starts now as i move further i found every  body toughen exrcise worthless cause it decreses with time and have bad impact on body and then i found the information about the armours that one can wear and give full protection to wearer from knife,gun bullet etc and i say wow thats the thing i am searching for no martial art will save me from knife,bullet or blades thats the best and than i have only to know some basic moves to attack cause i dont have to defend my self than from that  day sir my motivation as well as interest in martial arts drop to a big level and i found that i am not that student that i was before i want to ask you really armour is better than martial arts armour is better than to toughen the body by giving excess time and pain and gain nothing but problems for old age
3.i plans to be armoured while on street and to do yog instead of martial arts cause my ultimate aim is self realisation
         What do you suggest,thank you

Hello Nishant,

I must say, this is the most interesting question that I have ever encountered to date.  I do have an answer for you.

When I first received this question, it came only in body (which means, just the text and without your name and country).  I figured that you might be from the Middle East, as there is really no need for anyone here in Canada to walk around with body armour (unless you are either a gang member, police officer, or in the military).  As a matter of fact, it is illegal to wear body armour unless you have a permit to do so in British Columbia.  

Now, to answer your question, "Is body armour better than martial arts", I am assuming your are asking me, "If you had a choice of either wearing body armour, or relying on a particular technique to deal with an armed attacker", I would answer, "it depends".  

If someone is holding a gun to my head or a knife to my throat, I imagine that body armour (that only covers the torso), wouldn't do me any good whatsoever.  If I felt that the person holding the weapon was going to use it on me, then what do I really have to lose?  I would probably try to grab it and get it out of my centerline.  A struggle would surely follow.    

However, if someone was at a distance where I couldn't reach the weapon, then I would rather have some protection than none at all.  It still doesn't help if the weapon is ballistic and aimed at my skull!  

The purpose of martial training for me, is to practice using a pre-emptive technique (palm strike, hammer fist, etc), so that once used, I could then facilitate an escape.  For example, if someone has stopped me and is becoming aggressive or even hostile, I may need to hit him until I feel that he is no longer a threat...and then run like the wind!  I'm not going to wait for him to hit me, take out a knife, or pull out a gun before I respond.  This is a principle in combatives that I feel is essential for ensuring personal safety.  For someone who is a purist (a traditionalist who looks at martial arts as an art more than a vehicle for self-protection), this concept may seem strange.  

But when all is said and done, the best defense against a gun, a knife, or an impact weapon, is to not be there at all.  If you happen to live in a high-risk environment, that may be a little difficult to do.  If that's the case, I would recommend that you wear armour, and go armed!  It doesn't make any sense to me to go anywhere without some form of it a knife, pepper spray, or gun (if it is legal to do so).

Hardening the body, no matter what you do, will not stop bullets, a blade, or prevent internal bleeding/broken bones from an impact weapon.  It just won't happen.  

I hope this helps!

Be safe,
Conor MacPhee

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