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hello sir,
         at first i want to tell something about me to understand the topic better i am or say i was an avid lover and practitionar of martial arts basically every thing and style that i think helps to improve me my body my conditioning i remain thinking more and more about body,its powers and how to be no. 1 and always found that every style is incomplete so i want to create my own style not like all others but which truley gives a power that will not diminish with age thats from yog not yoga.i suceeded in doing so.
         Now sir the problem starts now as i move further i found every  body toughen exrcise worthless cause it decreses with time and have bad impact on body and then i found the information about the armours that one can wear and give full protection to wearer from knife,gun bullet etc and i say wow thats the thing i am searching for no martial art will save me from knife,bullet or blades thats the best and than i have only to know some basic moves to attack cause i dont have to defend my self than from that  day sir my motivation as well as interest in martial arts drop to a big level and i found that i am not that student that i was before i want to ask you really armour is better than martial arts armour is better than to toughen the body by giving excess time and pain and gain nothing but problems for old age
3.i plans to be armoured while on street and to do yog instead of martial arts cause my ultimate aim is self realisation
         What do you suggest,thank you

Well, I have to tell you that your questions are actually very common. In my opinion, several martial arts are lacking the sense of realism, and we need to approach any martial art with the mindset of what is functional, and what is just knowledge. With that in mind I will do the best I can to answer your questions.

1) Is armour better than martial arts?

Not in my opinion. First of all, I don't know anyone who wears armor as they travel around in everyday life. Even my SWAT officers won't wear "Ballistic" gear in everyday life. It's not only inconvenient, but very expensive, and needs constant testing. Also, keep in mind that kevlar guards will stop certain bullet penetrations, but will not stop a knive. This is because kevlar forces a projectile to mushroom prior to penetration. However, edged weapons have different characteristics. They don't mushroom, they peirce. So most kevlar gear will not stop a blade.

Also, what good is defense if you don't know how to move or rebutle an attack properly. And yoga will not teach you combat!

2) Is armour better than to toughen the body by giving excess time and pain and gain nothing but problems for old age?

Not in my opinion. Again, who walks around with armor all day long everyday? Do you sleep in it, or go to the movies in it, or do dinner with it? NO. Besides, no armor is 100% effective. Too many variables, distance, caliper, angle, etc. Sure it is a great precautionary measure, but not practical for everyday use.

I would tell you, in the realm of unarmed vs weapon, you need to quit worrying about toughness. Strongest man in the world cannot beat a speeding bullet or close range knife attack. Doesn't matter how tough he is. You should be more concerned about proper strategy, and attribute development. (e.g. timing, distancing, etc)

3)I plan to be armoured while on street and to do yoga instead of martial arts cause my ultimate aim is self realisation
What do you suggest,thank you

I suggest that you rethink your plan. And look into the true statistics. 1)80% of gun shot victims survive, but 70% of stab victims don't survive. 2) In majority of crimes involving a firearm, the firearm is used as a tool for intimidation and never even fired. The weapon is typically engaged by accident when people try to disarm the assailant. 3) You can't cover yourself head to toe in armor, something is always exposed. And to think that you're going to withstand a weapon attack like Superman and just sit there and nothing will happen to you is absolutely unrealistic.

Overall, we must realize that everything has it's limitations. The best thing we can do is try to prepare for as much as we can and hope for the best. Keep in mind....Bruce Lee quoted ""In reality you will not rise to the level of expectations, but rather fall to the level of training." Best of luck. Be Well, Be Safe.

Sifu Nik Farooqui
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