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hello sir,
         i want to ask you few very needy questions from my side cause i am constantley thinking on them and due to lack of good teacher i cant find answers
1)does bruce lee studied complete kung fu before gathering it to jeet kene do i know jkd is far better than kung fu but whats that that he left like bagua,dragon kung fu etc means complete styles
that he left
2)what did you think is missing in jeet kune do as per my thinking
jeet kune do is missing the dirty tactics of ninjutsu,not about fighting the jkd is best in these terms but how to move slowly,how to penetrate the enemy etc i think it can be very well suited for advanced guys and some weapon work
3)why bruce lee incorporate only 2 sets of an exercise in workouts
while having same rep in both sets i read this in his book
4)how bruce lee increases his strength of fist
5)if i have to start reading JKD without teacher whts your view should i concentrate on first i want to be an instructor i know its saying like i want to reach the top without getting a single step but what did you opt to train if i send you to your twenties
6)the last thing i always thought that what if bruce lee would have live something more how many things would have changed what are three qualities you think would make bruce the number one of all time.
         Thanking you

Nishant My have some of the most unique and misguided questions. However, I will try to steer you in the right direction.

1) Bruce was a constant student of all arts including western boxng,french savate, and anything else that he thought was useful. He wasn't just a student of kung fu. His core art, or his original art was Wing Chun which he studied under Ip Man. One of the main philosophies of JKD is to "absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add simply what is your own." This on one level means to study as much as you can. You don't have to be a master of any art, but be able to understand the essence of it and take maybe as little as only 1 technique to add to your arsenal.
You say that all other arts are complete and JKD isn't? Nothing could be further from the truth. The purpose of JKD was to fill the gaps in other systems. Meaning this....boxing doesnt have ground work, Jiu Jitsu doesnt have striking, Wrestling doesn't have weapons and so on. JKD has all ranges, and tools that we've borrowed from other arts for each particular range. So again....which art is incomplete?

2) Again...I don't think that Ninjitsu or any other art is as complete as JKD. You say that we're missing things, such as "dirty tactics." I am not sure of what that means....but I will tell you this. Some of the most elite military and law enforcement groups in the world such as  Navy Seals, SWAT, State Police, FBI, US Air Marshalls and others don't study Ninjitsu, they bring in JKD instructors for a reason. The reason is because we have the MOST functional tactics available.

3) It is a known fact that Bruce was constantly exercising. He ran, biked, lifted, stretched, martial art workouts, situps, pushups, teach, walked, etc all day EVERYDAY!!! And anyone will tell you, you have to make a workout routine based on your own lifestyle, body type, and goals. Also keep in mind that technology and information have evolved drastically since the 1970's, so anyone who is looking at Bruce's workout is 1) not getting the big picture, 2) probably not the right workout for them.

4) Increasing strength of any muscle (fist, bicep etc.) is always the same. Put it in motion and add resistance.

5) Don't worr about being an instructor. Worry more on getting quality training, understanding the curriculum, and simply being the best practitioner and student you can be. If an opportunity arises later to teach, then pursue it. Some people make great instructors, others can't effectively express information. So being an instructor is always a great goal....but there are other things to focus on. And your other question was what I opted to train in my 20's...well, I am only 31 so I was training JKD in my 20's. Along with boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and Kali. But I've also been in the martial arts since I was 9 years old.

6) 3 qualities I think made Bruce great....
a) His devotion and dedication the martial arts
b) His ability to take information and combine it with other information
c) His constant quest for becoming better

Good Luck.
Sifu Nik Farooqui
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