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      i just researched a lot read all bruce lee books appllied them all but i cant get the lightening speed of bruce lee i know how to trin for other areas like strenght,stamina etc but still after much work and research i cant have a proper layout working of how to generate speed
         thanks please give me some basics of that and some training plans thanks

Let me tell you that achieving "Bruce Lee" type speed is almost impossible. He was training most of the day, most of the night, and had genetics to back him.

There are several types of speed that you need to understand:
1) Linear Speed. The ability to accelerate.
2) Reflexive/Reactive Speed. The ability to react to a stimulus.
3) Explosive Speed. The initial burst of acceleration.
4) Continual Speed. The ability to maintain constant acceleration.
5) Directional Speed. A combination of Explosive Speed and Reflexive Speed. This attribute allows one to be explosive, stop, change direction, and reapply explosive speed.

I am sure there are more than just these...but you get the idea. So when someone asks me...I want more speed, I ask them back...what kind?

As a general rule, speed is a product of muscle memory. The more you do something, the faster you can do it. But the secret isn't in doing it fast over and over...rather it is in doing it super slow. To absorb every moment of the action, and over-develop the muscles used. That is what makes JKD training so special. We have very specific ways to train and drill that allow us to develop attributes such as timing, distancing, speed, etc.  

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Although I can offer expertise in several areas of "self defense," the following are some frequent questions I often answer. These are just a few examples, and my experience takes me much further than these questions. 1) What exactly is Jeet Kune Do and how does it apply to today's self defense? 2) What is women's role in martial arts/self defense and why should they learn? 3) What kind of things can I do to AVOID combative situations? 4) Is there a particular art or style that I should know? 5) What kind of weapons are involved in self defense tactics? 6) What precautionary measures can I take at home to prevent intrusion? 7) How do I know what techniques I should be using? 8) How will learning self defense change my life beyond just physical gain? 9) How has Jeet Kune Do evolved and why? 10) I've never been in a fight, so why should I train now?


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