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I curious what your thoughts are on the big difference between British and American police: only the latter carry guns (regularly, anyway). Obviously the cultural differences are important, especially the prevalence of guns among citizens. But both are going to come up against knives (for example). In America a cop faced with a knife is automatically going to go to his gun. I have no personal experience with British police, but I assume they've developed some method of dealing with that situation without calling in the gun squad. So are British cops handicapping themselves? Or are American cops using excessive force?

It gets real complicated real quick when it comes to guns in European countries

Here's the thing, there are various 'degrees of cops' Officers assigned to certain duties are indeed armed. I've never seen an unarmed cop (and I'm talking machine guns) in an UK airport. The bobbies who are on the streets, most of them no. The guys they can call on the radio, yes.

Thing is you can see something  more clearly in Germany. There you have 'city cops' who are unarmed. You have 'state cops' who are armed. And you have riot squad -- which are state cops who patrol in riot gear.  So if there's a bar fight, they call the closest riot squad officers to the scene.

It's something like that with the English cops. When they call the 'gun squad,' the guys who show up are NOT fucking around. As in what shows up are like the SWAT/riot

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