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How can you generate power when you're on the ground? I'm thinking specifically of the classic you're-on-the-ground-he's-standing-up position where you're on your back/side using kicks to keep him away.

Okay, you can generate power while on the ground, but you have to know how to use a base other than your legs.  So yeah, you can hit some dude who is trying to grapple with you -- but in these situations targeting becomes REAL important. You're not hitting 'as hard' but you're hitting in a really, really tender spot.

Down on the ground, him up? It's easier to change who is generating the power.

Often in MMA there are what I call '3 Stooges knockouts'  You've seen the old gag where one of the stooges walks face first into a pipe, bar, wall, doorframe or strut. You see them way less in boxing, but in MMA matches a whole lot of the knock outs are because someone stuck a fist out and the other guy ran into it face first. It isn't the force of the hit (in fact, the limb could almost be stationary), but the forward momentum of the guy's charge. Again, think 3 Stooges and running into the end of a pipe.

The trick on this one is knowing your leg's 'range' so you have the most structure.

Then wait until he's about to move into that range and then shoot it out. You wait because by the time it AND he gets there, it's too late for him to save himself. He runs onto your leg with his entire body weight and does all the power generating for you.

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