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What benefits do you think sword fighting practice can give to someone who is doing self defense training? I find sword fighting to be pretty fun if you practice it with fake but realistic looking swords with no edges, and some body gear. What do you think you can benefit from learning how to use swords and going against your partner with a sword? So I'm just wondering what can sword training and fighting give you?

Let me tell you a summation that I got from Rory Miller.

Martial arts are acting. Fighting is improv.

He and I both use this to explain an important concept.

Acting and improv are NOT the same. Improv is an art unto itself. BUT, without acting training you're going to suck at improv.  You need the skills you get from acting to be good at improv. Because you need the nuts-and-bolts aspects of acting to be good at improv.

Basically, that's so you don't have to think about those nuts-and-bolts details while you are improv'ing. You can turn your entire focus on winging it.

I am a BIG fan of sword fighting as part of learning things about movement that you're NOT going to get in any other kind of MA training (like getting the hell out of the way of an attack). So I vote yes, because the list of useful -- and transferable -- skills you pick up doing it really helps in not having to think about them in a self-defense situation. They're there.  Now focus on not getting hurt by an attacker

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