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what do you think of wing chun, jkd and krav maga and how can we compare what they offer for self defense situations?
i looked around in some foruns and the general opinion is that wc is bad but has some good principles, km is good and jkd depends on the instructor but i dont fully believe that because most people talk without knowing.
i'd like to train jkd but since i cant find any school in my area im tied up between starting wc or km.. i like wc most but i think it wastes some precious time in the practice of "katas" and useless other stuff and have too many fixed positions, weird defense techniques that seem to be not practical and they only practice against their own way of punching.
whats your opinion on this subject?
thank you very much for your time

Filipe I see you have realistic grasp of the situation and see the diffrence between marttial arts training anf slef-defense training.

Keep in mind the histrorical relaity that at not time in hsitory anywhere on the planet where unarmed martial arts like WC or any other art actually never used for real fighting except in athletic contests (which are nevera real fight of course).

Man is the tool user and fights with weapons and not his bare hands and always has.Hence no martial system really has any history in actual fighting or self-defence they are just arts. But they do have some SD value too especially if mastered but few will ever get there.

As a kid 40 years ago I took up WC and it has a few good moves but is too complex for most people to pull off in a real fight due to the adrenal dump is always the most decisive element in real self-defense and not 'moves' or 'techniques'.Martial arts does not address that element if the adrneal dump at all but how you handle the adrneal dumpt which will always occur in any real fight is far more important than what 'techniues' you know.

This is because if the adrneal dump overcomes you then you can't phsyically execute the fine motor skill techniques of any MA system. Simply put that is why MA study seldom helps most people in a real attack.

Real fights are far simpler than MA would lead one to believe. You only need a few techniques that you can deliver under and the adrnal flood and that means gross motor skills only for most people not the fine motor skills of WC or other Martial systems.

In this regard I would take Krav Maga as being more practical for sd. Now some the highest rnaking instructors of KV from Isarel have come to my Colorado facility to train under my RMCAT methodolgy, which is adrenal stess driven and scanario based using armored assailants.

That was 10 years ago and now in Israel the RMCAT method is displacing KV in some areas but mostly just being incorporated into KV schools in Israel. It's is hard to find legitmate KV school in the US but they do exist.

I suggest you do read the material on my website  Mainly because it explains the real problem in self-defense and it is not technique skill or knowlegde. You can be a WC master and be beaten senesless by a 'half ass street figheter' if you are overcome by the adrenal dump as most MA people of any style are when it comes to a real fight.

Also remember no athelitic contest (prize fight in a ring) can serve as model for an actual fight in almost any signficant way. So what you see in the UFC etc should never be used as a 'model' of what might work or be effective in a real fight.

The website demand some study and thinking to grasp all this but belive that is the very first step, that is to see what counts in an actual fight and why.

Feel free to ask any follow up questions too Filipe. But go talk to the KV school owner and ask to watch a class. Also staying out of fights is the true art of the master and you need to study that skill too.


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I can answer questions on actual self-defense for today’s world and contrast the very critical difference between ‘martial arts training’ and actual comprehensive self-defense training. In particular, I have 24 years of experience training people to deal effectively and employ productively the adrenal stress reaction, which is the only thing one can really count on in a true self-defense emergency. I also worked as ‘bouncer” and “cooler” in the seventies and my knowledge is not theoretical but experiential. While my primary experience is in “hand to hand” fighting and training people in this skill, In addition I was employed by a major industry player to conduct terminal ballistic tests on all handgun calibers of all manufacturers and their bullet designs to determine their effectiveness in ‘stopping power”. I have no axes to grind in this field and I just call it as I see it from actual experience and over eight hundred shooting cases I researched in conjunction with my contract to evaluate terminal ballistics (stopping power of handgun loads and calibers)


Black Belt Magazine called my RMCAT program “The best short term self-defense program existent”. This was unprecedented in their 40 years of publishing their magazine and this followed their year long study of “reality based self-defense programs”. My program is based on adrenal stress conditioning thorough scenario based training and fight scenarios using specially armored assailants that allows absolute full contact to head and groin areas. I have been instructing this training with my staff for 22 years at present. I am a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame and was named “Self-Defense Instructor of the Year in 2008 by Black Belt Magazine. I have advanced rank in Wado Ryu Karate, Judo, Aikido and Wing Chung Gung Fu. I also have experience in other martial arts, but I recognize that martial arts training is not true and comprehensive self-defense training for today’s world. I have instructed firearms training for self-defense for over 20 years and I once ran a liquor store where I was forced to employ firearms for my own survival. I have degrees in mathematics, Psychology and Education from my studies at The university of Colorado and the University of Texas. I have very strong knowledge of terminal ballistics of handguns from my employment in this field to determine the stopping power of handgun loads from both ballistic gelatin tests and actual case studies of shootings. I continue to instruct firearms for self-defense through scenario based training as I have for many years now.

I have written serval books, the most relevant on the topic of self-defense and martial art being “ A Bouncer’s Guide to Barroom Brawling’ many feel this book changed the Martial Arts industry, and Real Fighting : Adrenal Stress Conditioning Through Scenario Based Training. This last book was named one of the best books ever written on self-defense by Black Belt Magazine along with Mushashi’s “Book of Five Rings” and Bruce Lee’s Tao of Jeet Kung Do”. My articles have appeared in Black Belt Magazine, Inside Knug Fu, and The National Association of Professional Martial Artist (NAPMA) where I have a monthly column called “Reality Check”. I have other publications dealing with the effect od the adrenal reaction on learning and memory among these “Freedom From Fear: Taking back control of Your life and Dissolving Depression”. I also have written on the relationship between the adrenal complex and the biochemistry of PTSD.

Bachelor of Science: Psychology Bachelor of Arts: Mathematics Certified Secondary School Education: Mathematics Black Belts in Karate, Judo Fukishidoan rank (Shodan level Black Belt) in Aikido Graduate of Lethal Force Institute

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Black Belt Hall of Fame Member Self-Defense Instructor of the Year 2008 My book “Real Fighting: Adrenal Stress Conditioning Through Scenario Based Training “ was named one of the five best books ever written on self-defense and martial arts by Black Belt Magazine. In 1973 my software program’ Software development of the Sheldon Domain” a pattern recognition algorithm was awarded 2nd place by the IEEE society

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