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Hello, I have asked posed this question to another expert on this website and would like to get your opinion as well:

I recently decided to train in martial arts to increase my self defense skills. The only martial arts style taught in my area is Taekwondo. I was offered a free class and attended the other night.

I trained with the white belts and then watched the other belts, including black, train.

To be honest it doesn't seem like most of the fighting elements in Taekwondo would be very practical or effective in a street fight scenario. I know I could be completely wrong about that but that was the impression I got.

So do you have any advice? Is Taekwondo effective for self defense and I have just judged too quickly?

Are there any self defense elements I can take away from training in Taekwondo until another style becomes available?

Any advice is welcomed.


Yes.  I believe that you have judged too quickly.  Take away the katas (forms) from Tae Kwon Do  as your self defense elements and they will serve you well.  Remember, any MA form will serve to teach you elements of self-defense.  You have to give yourself to the training though and put in the time and energy to learn it.  It will not be quick nor should it be.  Once you decide on the style the rest is up to you.  Instead of choosing styles you should base your decision on the reputation of the instructor, fees charged, and what other students are walking away with and teaching to others.  


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