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Which translation of "The Art of War" do you recommend?

ANSWER: I actually have two I like. One by Samuel Griffin with commentaries by other historical Chinese Generals.

The other is by Thomas Cleary, and is Sun Tzu by himself

Another book you might want to consider finding is 36 Strategies

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QUESTION: Aside from the commentaries by other Chinese Generals and Sun Tzu by himself are there any other differences between Samuel Griffin and Thomas Cleary's translations? I just want to get one book. Also who is the author of 36 Strategies?

I haven't gone through line by line looking for translation differences. But I always recommend you pick up at least two copies of any translation (especially from Asian languages) because context and interpretation is important.

A native speaker might understand that both meanings (interpretation/translation) apply to a particular word.

But as a Westerner reading a translation you won't get that unless you read both. (Take for example the translation of "Thou shalt not kill" in the original Aramaic the word does mean kill, but it has far more connotation of 'murder.' So the difference between "Thou shalt not kill" and "Thou shalt not commit murder." Subtle but important difference there -- especially when it comes to things like self-defense, war and lawful use of force.)

The 36 Strategies is from -- we think -- the 6th century China (Southern Qi) So it's been around for a while

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