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QUESTION: I met up with a new training partner who I'v been working my combatives with recently since my other partners are busy for the whole month. He told me when it comes to him psychologically prepping himself when an imminent violent situation occurs, where he HAS to apply a serious level of force, he told me he becomes sadistic for the few moments that the encounter lasts and somehow loses his fear during the encounter and only thinks of injuring the offender and somehow enjoys the rush.

Would this sort of mentality be useful in self defense situations? Or is it something you might see more in MMA where you don't have any serious danger of getting killed. As a partner during drills he is sort of wild and hard to deal with.

ANSWER: I'm going to say that -- as a stand alone issue -- is a really good way to cross the line out of self-defense and end up in the prison showers.

He'd better have something else in there to keep that part of him
a) on a leash when it is not appropriate
b) able to snap that leash back on before it crosses the line.

Here's an example that the first two blows can be deemed 'self-defense' but everything afterwards is assault.  That's the part you need to be able to pull back before what you're doing stops being self-defense

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QUESTION: I understand, I guess it really is a matter of having self control in the heat of things. If my partner really does have a high of self control will that mentality be a benefit to him in life threatening situations? Would forgetting about fear when in one of those situations be useful or detrimental?

It can. But, if he's got that much self-control then he should be able to control fear as well.

Here's something else to seriously consider

And, something else to chew on regarding the nature of your training

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