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What tai chi style did you learn? What about your thoughts of the different styles; some seem to be more "combative" than others.

It was mixed with baugua at the Taoist Institute in Los Angeles. It was back before lineages were all that important.

I've sat and listened to modern players from different styles 'talk' and their conversations fly over my head. They get into some seriously microscopic details and disagreements.

As for the 'combative' it boils down to application.  Or more specifically knowing how to apply what they know.

From a technical stand point, tai chi has fantastic power generation -- potential.

From an application standpoint, I commonly find it to on par with a McDojo.

Just having the moves doesn't mean you know how to use them. The two ideas are NOT synonymous -- and if we assume so, we don't know what we're missing.

I often make the analogy that the way Tai Chi is taught is like helping someone build a race car, but not showing them how to drive it.

And that is less about the style than it is about what the teacher knows.

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