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I've read those books you recommended to me and I want to learn more. I like your style of suspending moral judgment in favor of understanding. You aren't trying to push an agenda or any kind of "us against them" mentality. It's very refreshing, no politics. You just give the facts and don't tell people what to think or feel.

Specifically, could you point me in the direction of books that will teach me how frog boiling and gaslighting work? I haven't heard someone use those terms before, and none of the abusers I've seen interviewed have described their behavior like that.

I realize that I've been ignorant in the past and judged people harshly, not understanding what was going on in their lives. It really tears me up inside to think that careless words to abuse victims or anyone who has been hurt could make them feel like crap all over again. You would have no idea just how bad what you said hurt them. You might never find out.

I hope you can show me something so I don't do that anymore. I want to be better and kinder to people.

Chase the links to other books on the subject.

Frog boiling

As to abuse victims, here's something to consider.  

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