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I recently saw a news article about a man being fatally shot protecting his daughter during a home invasion, here's the article

My question is, what should he have done? What are your thoughts on this particular situation and how should I act if I find myself in a violent home invasion?

First off, I live in Colorado. We have what is known as the "Make My Day Law." That basically means home invasions are scarce on the ground because you come through the door in these parts and you'll get your head blown off.

Home invasions are hard core and if you're not ready to kill them as they come through the door, then they have all the advantage. Even a gun in the house is no good if you can't access it in time.

The thing is, dad decided to act when he'd lost any and all tactical advantage.

Add to this he probably went at it like a 'fight' instead of to kill the guy. Which is understandable because very few people know how to kill someone quickly and effectively with their bar hands. That's kind of a useful trick to know if you need to do it before someone shoots you. Unfortunately, he didn't know that trick. So his decision to act cost him his life.

There's no simple answer to these kinds of situations. Worse, there are no guarantees either.

Yes I can tell you things like keep your doors locked. Have video cameras instead of just opening the door. Dependent on if there are kids in the house, have a weapon stationed near by any of your 'regular' places. I can tell you to know if you're on the high risk list for these kinds of events (Accountants don't have these things happen too much, Korean store owners who don't trust banks and keep lots of money at home do.) I can tell you to cooperate with them if they get the drop on you -- it may work or maybe it won't. You can't tell until the exact moment what is the best strategy. Like I said, home invaders are way more hardcore and dangerous than other robbers -- and they have you isolated without chance of interruption (like if you rob a store).

Simply stated, there's no real good answer and anybody who says there is is trying to sell you something

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