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hello Marc. Street E and E is pretty cool. I was wondering. Can you go in depth on how to blend in an urban environment like a flea market or an alley. Do I have to hide in a dumpster or use a disguise?

Can you explain not triggering the sixth sense of a pursers and changing your shape when hiding?

Most people ask you about SD. but not a lot ask on urban E and E. I was hoping you'd have new techniques since the book was released years ago.

Thank you.

It's a multitude of things. Most of them physical and simply explained (nuts and bolts). Some of them more of an art (like acting) that while explainable, depends on a person's ability. (Some folks are great actors, others aren't) Still other things... man it's like the explanation of 'the force' from Star Wars 4,5,6 (kind of vague and mysterious, but once you've been there, you know what someone is talking about.)

Thing is, they're all 'stacking.'

Unless you have the nuts and bolts stuff the art won't work. Unless you're good with N&B and art, then the woo-woo won't normally be there.

The N&B stuff is simple. What are the clothing styles of the locals? You hardly ever see plaid among the wealthy, but it's as common as dust among the poor -- especially certain cultures. What's the quality of the clothes? What are the hats worn? Are hats worn? When? Wear the wrong cloths and you stick out like a sore thumb.

Other N&B stuff is easy to understand. The human eye spots movement (it's a survival trait). Not moving makes you harder to see. We track fast movement better than slow ... so if you gotta move, do it slowly. (This is more of an art thing, but the other way to do it is sync your motion with others around you -- a guy in a suit and tie among others walking down the street is functionally invisible. Same guy in the middle of a marathon...?) It's easy for us to distinguish the human form out in the open. So move along the sides of buildings.

The human eye tends to focus at eye level -- we especially spot the head shape. So lower your jaw and/or hunch your shoulders.  Better still change levels entirely. The hardest part of the body to camouflage are the eyes. (Larger land predators have two eyes up front so they can chase prey) So although not looking is better, close one eye when you have to look.

The art stuff... well change who you are. The technical term for this is 'method acting.' And the great actors all do it, so research it.

You -- as an individual -- move, act, speak a certain way. I sum this up as you have a 'collective pattern' that people associate with you. Thing is, it's almost like them having a photo ID in their head and that's what they're looking for, not you.  Have you ever run into someone you know/work with/hang out with in another environment? And for a moment, one or the other stares at the other in confused, "Who is this person and why is he/she talking to me?"  That is until "It's (fill in the blank) from (fill in the blank)" kicks in.

The pattern is you see that person at such-and-such with so-and-so and dressed like 'that,' not like 'this'. Same thing, if someone is looking for you, you change. One of the most glorious examples I ever saw was we were doing a demonstration in the recreations center. Out of the corner of my eye, a little old man passed the door. I mean the whole appearance said "I'm a little old man, lawsey lawsey." But something caught my attention anyway. I stepped out the door and looked down the hall. He was passing the second door looking in. I said "Sir if you're looking for the demonstration, it's in here." All of a sudden this harmless little old man straightened up and became this big, distinguished, Lt Colonel from intelligence I know. "His comment was "I know Marc." We still laugh about it to this day. Now you may think 'wait, that's a fail' but it's not. I'm REAL good at this and yet he fooled me.

The woo-woo stuff. People sneer at me when I say I disappear. That is until the see me do it. Or to be more specific, don't see me anymore. I literally fall off their radar.

I have a friend who is in fact very good at telling when people are coming near him. The guy is an EMT and he's worked the streets. It's just that I'm better. We live in the same town so every time I see him about I disappear and rematerialize next to him. I even walked up and sat down next to him in a restaurant once. His date is who gave me away. This strange little guy just appeared out of nowhere, sat down at their table and didn't say anything. My friend looked over and nearly jumped out of his skin.

How do I do it? Well, all I can tell you is I stop being me. I pretty much stop being anything. I calm myself and become like a ghost floating past. I can't really explain it except through analogy. Where did I learn to do it? Well I attribute not the skill itself but the foundation of the skill to meditation and other woo-woo stuff. Is that what is really happening? Honestly, no. I have no idea what exactly is going on or how it works. Except the woo-woo explanations match the data far, far better than anything science or common sense can come up with.

Another thing I can't say for sure is if it just isn't the art taken to such an incredible level that you can't tell it from woo-woo anymore. I just don't know.

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