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Should you wear gloves or wraps when hitting the heavy bag? Or will that disguise problems with technique, leading to injury in actual use? And on that note, can good punching technique compensate for the dangers of punching to the head, or is it that never a good idea?

Like so many things, it depends.

Another way of looking at it is 'everything in moderation.'

The best answer is get training from someone who is qualified and who can both teach you and supervise. Someone watching your mechanics from an outside perspective can -- and will -- save you from injuring yourself.

One of the most common problems with people who self-train is they try to 'out do' and mistake that for learning. The problem what they ingrain is usually not only shitty, but injurious to them.

Take for example hitting the bag. Before you try to hit with power you need to ingrain proper body mechanics and movement. That's because when done correctly the hardest hit, doesn't feel like you're really doing anything. If it feels too easy, you're doing it right -- because your structure is aligned and your timing is right

Thing is, way too many people -- and this includes some dickslap instructors and dojo darlings -- think 'this doesn't feel powerful' and they realign themselves to where it does. What they are mistaking as the feel of power is their muscles fighting to maintain 'bad structure.'

The problem with this is then people that's a powerful hit and they train themselves to hit wrong. If you're hitting wrong -- then yes, safety equipment is important.

It is critical if you -- as so many people do -- try to hit harder instead of improving your body mechanics. Because the constant pounding with incorrect alignment will cause injury.

Conversely, if you learn how to hit correctly then the equipment becomes like the following conversation I once heard
"If all these things can get through armour, what good is it?"
"It covers your mistakes."

Change your goal from 'learning to hit hard' to 'learning how to hit correctly' When you hit correctly, hitting hard is a by-product

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