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I like your ideas on crosstraining. I wanted to know how one could teach others martial mechanics. You say don't go to
one-stop schools that teach everything. So I'd like to know how many 'styles' or arts can someone can be competant at a time when teaching others. Thanks.

Here's an interesting point. If someone is a good fighter, it isn't about what style he does. It's about what he can do. It's not technique, it's about seeing opportunity and exploiting it. In other words it's about thinking on your feet. It's knowing where you don't want to be and recognizing when it's going that way. Then doing something before it gets there.

Having said that there's something I heard tonight that is tickled me -- because the person who said it had taken something I'd said, run with it and come up with another application.  Basically it's "You need to have your stance right before you can work on your handwork. Because when you're trying to think about not falling down you don't have enough brain power to focus on your hands."  

I thought about it and asked "So the bad stance is eating RAM so you can't effectively run the other program."

That's important because part of the process is 'squaring away' one set of details, moving onto the next packet, then heading out to do the job. Once you have those two packets squared away, you don't have to think about them. They're taken care of and you can focus all your RAM on what you need to do.

Focusing on squaring things away does wonders for figuring out the mechanics of your own system. One of the things I do is have people punch and then freeze in that pose. Then I walk chest first into their punch and see what wobbles, wiggles or collapses. If I don't stop dead in my tracks, something is wrong with their pose. Fix that first.

That's just the start. Don't worry about cross training and such, until you've got the shock absorbers, power loss and timing screw ups fixed in what you're already doing.  

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