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There seems to be a lot of opinion on the subject of weapon disarms. I recently saw a video of someone demonstrating what seemed like good looking techniques. My question is, could you watch this segment and analyze it? Whats the good and the bad?
Here is the link.

Thanks for your help!

The good. The techniques are not bad. In fact they're way better than a lot of the shit I see out there. They have a good chance of working ... IF you practice them.

The bad. It's marketing. Oh, ooh, ooh, it's what the secret service use! Wowie kazowie isn't that just uber-cool?

The ugly. It's law enforcement based. As such it's pretty inapplicable to most civilian situations. You (unless you are a LEO)do not have a duty to act, nor are you particularly required to safely control a suspect to determine if he's armed or not.  Nor are you expected to perform at such a high standard of control.

As a civilian, your primary goal when dealing with a weapon is NOT arrest and control So should you do these techniques? Well, yes, no, maybe, sometimes, it depends. It's kind of limited to trying to control someone you know who has a weapon and you don't want to maul him.

On the other hand, if it's a matter of ending the threat A.S.A. Fucking. P. then there are more reliable forms (e.g. piledriving the guy's skull into the concrete).  

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