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Soon I will have the resources (money, time, etc) to start learning the martial arts. I have always done things on my own and now that I am formally engaging in these things I have a few questions.
What should I look into to gain a solid foundation? Any specific disciplines you recommend?
What should I go into after having that foundation? Any important guide lines for crosstraining?
 Finally, what should be my next step to learn how to wrap up all those skills into an effective self defense "system"? (The physical, mental, and social aspects of self defense)

I know you don't support just one system or art as the cure all for encountering violence, but I need some where to start and some sound advice so I don't get lost on this path and end up knowing a few different disciplines ineffectively blended together. Your help and expertise would be greatly appreciated.

You ask seemingly simple questions that don't have simple answers.

Get a pot of coffee brewing, you're going to be reading

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