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Greetings !
About a couple of years ago I initiated a communication with someone in my neighborhood and there was a fairly pleasant exchange of emails.
I came to regret it because they soon accused me of 'stalking them' (I have never ever called nor socialized with them !) and they threatened to report me to the police.
With that I immediately stopped emailing them and even deleted their email from my address book.
I have never contacted them ever again though I fear that someday this person just might get me into trouble.  Should I continue to fear or can I rest easy that this incident is in the past ?
Thanks !
PS : I make it a point to keep out of stranger's way !


Thanks for asking about your situation.  Stalking laws differ state by state, so I can't say precisely what constitutes stalking in your state, but you can google to find out your law.  Usually, stalking has to be a series of actions that a reasonable person would assume intended to cause fear.  Stalkers are notorious for not stopping their actions when asked to.

Three things make me think you are probably quite safe.  The first is that the emails you sent would probably not make a "reasonable person" afraid. Second, their complaint happened a few years ago.  Third, you stopped contacting them immediately when they asked you to.

So, it is clear to me that you are not a stalker.  If that person goes to the police now, with only years' old email of innocuous content, there is really no reason for the police to agree to become involved.  Rest easy, and stay safe,  - Lyn  

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