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hi dwight,
 summers here and as a student i was hoping to spend the next 3 months picking up a self defense art. currently i'm torn between either boxing or jkd. price-wise i'd save in the long run by taking boxing but for me i'm more concerned with effectiveness and the time it'd take to accomplish that. i obviously understand that mastery of any martial art takes years of commitment and training but  in terms of actual self defense i was hoping to choose something that would be quick and easy to pick up, because honestly waiting 20 years to learn something i need to defend myself with now kind of defeats the purpose. boxing has a long tradition and with fewer moves to learn seems quicker to learn. but jkd seems more well rounded and complete (cuz even ali couldnt defend himself against a wrestler).
 anyway long story short, i really want to take jkd but questions of time keeps bugging me. if i sign up for jkd classes twice a week, each class about an hour or so in length, how much would a complete beginner pick up in 3 months time? and perhaps as compared to if it was a boxing class? and how long would it take under those same conditions to get good in jkd? (good as in enough to defend against an armed/unarmed attacker or at least do enough damage to run away) thanks

I think you already know the answers to your questions.
Obviously JKD will provide you with a more well-rounded ability.
And basic JKD is easy to pick up so that's the way to go if the
only time you'll have is 3 months over the summer.
In 3 months at my school you could learn the fighting position,
a good jab & cross, footwork to deliver a swift, hard kick and
maybe even some simple trapping and grappling
But that's all based on the structure the instructor uses.
Don't expect to be an expert (I know you don't) but with some
serious application you'd end up with some skill in the fall
Dwight Woods

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