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I would like to know, will you ever write a book that explains all or at least a large part of what you teach in conflict communications? I'm asking, because there's not possible for me to attend your seminars. And if the answer is yes, than when?
Thanks you?

The answer is 'yes'

The 'problem' is there was this little dangly thing sticking out of the bushes. We grabbed onto and pulled; it turned out it was attached to an elephant. The technical term for it is a tail.

The subject is a lot bigger than either of us thought. Worse, it's kind of like describing light.  It affects everything you see (or in this case do), but people don't notice it. In fact, they don't even think about it unless it's not there. And then -- well they're fumbling around in the dark.

Take for example the simple statement that the "Monkey" loves stories. Stories -- and a lot of our behaviors -- follows 'scripts.' Scripts tell us how to act. Simple right?

Well, turns out the deeper you look the more you discover all these unconscious assumptions people have. Assumptions that are really complex and variable, but they take for granted.

A whole lot of Conflict Communications is based on understanding 'why'

So the answer to 'when' is as soon as I get this so I can explain some of these 'whys' to people. Because they're really, really important to be able to control your Monkey.

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I grew up in the streets of Los Angeles in 'situational poverty.' I have dealt with criminals and violent people all my life -- both personally and professionally. I have written 15 books and 6 videos on surviving street violence. I was originally published under the name Marc Animal MacYoung. (Animal was my street name). I've taught police and military both internationally and within the US. I've lectured at universities, academies and done countless TV, radio, newspaper and magazine interviews. I'm a professional speaker on crime avoidance and personal safety. And I am an expert witness recognized by the US court system. My bio is at My abridged CV (Curriculum Vitae) is at

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Read "In the Name of Self-Defense" the streets don't give a Ph.D in scuffle.

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