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Gee Marc,your right. my "simple question"did escalate into a book or
movie review. Sorry about that and thank you again.But yeah,why is
it that in these cases instead of "jumping in" or "doing something"
to help the victims we choose to snap pictures and take videos ins-
tead? Thank you guys for your time and efforts.

A few large parts of the puzzle is that we 'don't know the person' (he/she is not part of our tribe so getting involved for a stranger? Not so much)

Another is watching something through a camera gives us a barrier to distance ourselves from the event. It's bullshit, it's still happening in front of us, but like sunglasses, it's a level of a shield that keeps us apart.

Third, is in our modern, safe world we don't deal with violence so we are at a loss about what to do when we see it.

Fourth, people don't have the skills or experience to deal with it. This isn't just an excuse, but a damned good safety protocol.

Fifth, because they don't have the skills they're really afraid that the guy will turn on them.

There are some of the key points, but each of them are a study and field of research unto themselves

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