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what is the best way to deal with groping on public transport or in crowded bars?  If I tell him to fuck off I cross his personal boundaries but if I donít do anything I will lose mine.

Goldilocks, you got a problem.

This response is too little, this response is too much. But until you're in the actual situation you don't know which one is just right.

I can't answer your question the way it's asked because I don't know
a) your resources/connections
b) what you're willing to do
c) what circumstances you're talking about.

Often just telling someone to fuck off has bad results. The reason being is it breaks these rules

In contrast, if you're well entrenched in a social group, you could step back and yell "Keep your fuckin' hands to yourself!"  This informs the others that he's doing the transgression. It's also usually enough to call in external help.

Just telling him to fuck off or calling him an asshole isn't.

If you're really well wired into a group you could kick him in the nuts or bust a bottle over his head while saying the same thing and they'll laugh. Then tell him to knock it off if he gets up.

If you're really wired into the neighborhood, you could stab him and nobody would see or say anything.

On the other hand, if you're an outsider or you do that to a high ranking person, then it ain't going to work out so well when you drop one of their own.

If you do it in a sleazy bar and you're the outsider, then it's not going to work so well either.

Public transport, yell that in a bus and you're likely to get the driver there to help you. Do it on a train and people willing to help can be a long way away.

Simple fact is though, if you tell someone to get their hands off of you and are willing to gouge out his eyeball if he does that again -- or misbehaves in any other way -- then odds are good nothing is going to happen.

If all you have is your outrage and verbally abusing someone, then just get the hell out of there.

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