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Have you seen this Russian thing called Systema? Could something like that work, or is it just voodoo nonsense?

Like so many other 'systems' the answer is 'it depends on who's teaching it.'

I've met some of the voodoo boys and my reaction is "Gimme a fuckin' break. If I want that horseshit, I'll go to George Dillman or Yellow Bamboo."

I've met other players who have 'meh' body mechanics, but who spend most of their time telling you how powerful and superior Systema is to other martial arts. These guy's explanation of the mechanics of what they are doing is a joke. The Chinese 'soft styles' are better at it and have better explanations of what they are doing. (And yeah, the mechanics of Systema are a whole lot like some Chinese styles)

Conversely, I've met some Systema players who will turn you into a human pretzel and shatter you like a thrown coffee cup.

It all depends on who you meet

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