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Hello Mr. Macyoung. Thank you very much for the previous answers. I appreciate your link to social and asocial violence. It helped me much more to distinguish what type of situation I might or will be facing.

I now know know that social violence is the scuffle within a species for positions within a society for purpose of group gains, while asocial is much more predatory with the intention to maim and kill. Or possibly someone right from a movie like Wolf creek. Thank you for the info.

From a bit of research into my area. Most physical assault fall into the social category e.g. beatings, knife fights are usually social with 99% of attackers knowing their victims months before. Most knife attacks also occur to people within gang and knife cultures. So to my relief it was social unlike the random knife assaults I imagined. Over half of them were robberies that left no bodily injuries. Luckily I don't live in the same neighborhood.

Apart from day time assaults. Night time assaults are much more asocial but still rare. Usually it takes the form of 2 or 3 more people randomly coming to beat up someone before robbing them. There was just a recent case where a man was robbed of his car but no threat was given before they broke his knee and slashed his face.

The news often included the quote they were "attacked from behind." I am not sure if anything physical or martial arts like could do anything about those kind of attacks for multiple people and possibly concealed blades.

So from that the first tip I was told is to avoid going out at nightime. What recommendations and tips do you think I should follow to further increase safety from these asocial violence please?

Thank you sir.

First a couple of tweaks...

Social violence is what happens within (and for) a group. It's not species, but group. Overwhelmingly social violence is not lethal or injurious because that would weaken the tribe. There are exceptions, but they are very specific in manifestation.

Humans do asocial violence to animals and to those not of their group all the time. Two types of asocial resource and process.

While resource violence is often fatal to the animal, overwhelming asocial violence against other humans isn't. This regardless if it is resource or process. There are reasons for this.

Grossly exaggerating them
#1 criminals know they will hunted and prosecuted more fiercely if they use violence instead of the threat of violence. If they kill or kidnap they really will be hunted down.

#2 Abusers know not to break their toys because they're hard to come by. And unless the attacker gets off on the act of killing, a secondary power trip is knowing what he has forever inflicted on the person.

Now having said that, there are some complications. First off, there's a difference between a group and a crowd.

Second, although the retards are numerically rare, a lot of them try to walk into a crowd and treat it like a group. A group they must prove their dominance in. This is often the source of the 'what the fuck are you looking at?' come out of left field bullshit you can get at clubs and pubs. This, however, is distinctly different than the 'you're in the wrong place motherfucker' -- which is territorial.  Both situations can usually be effectively handled by making a good faith effort to withdraw. (Do NOT throw insults or fuck you body language as you are withdrawing -- that is not 'good faith')

Third, here's the problem with a lot of 'reports' about unprovoked attacks from behind at night. A lot of times, the person has engaged in these insulting monkey brain behaviors while leaving a situation or actually has done something to target him/herself (e.g. being dressed goth out at night in a yob-filled area).

The mob beating/robbery is a twisted form of social violence -- to those who are doing it. To those on the receiving end it is both resource and process violence. Bion hit the nail on the head when he said: Though boys throw stones at frogs in sport, the frogs do not die in sport, but in earnest.

The fundamental problem with dealing with this kind of violence is most people try to revert to social violence scripts. This leaves them woefully under-gunned and incapable of protecting themselves in time. Not because the social scripts don't work, but because it's the wrong 'tool' and it takes too long to pull the right one out.

There are two types of resource violence. Predation and protection. Both are equally goal oriented and not social.  

Often social violence is about things that cannot be put into a wheelbarrow. You cannot put your pride, emotions, social status or feelings into a wheelbarrow.

Resource violence is over things you can put into a wheelbarrow. You can put money, car keys, wallet, food, etc., into a wheelbarow. You too can climb in and sit in a wheelbarrow.

Self-defense is not fighting over things you cannot put into a wheelbarrow. That is social violence and it has specific scripts, rules and fighting tactics. Self-defense is about preventing damage to your physical body. And that is a whole different type of violence.

You ask for tips how to avoid these kinds of attacks. Brew yourself a pot of coffee or tea and go to  
There's lots of nuts and bolts stuff about dealing with all kinds of violence.

But those are details. The most effective deterrent I know of is the willingness to use resource protection violence when it is appropriate.

Two key points arise from this:

#1 The only real advantage predators have is most people are incapable of switching from social scripts to resource protection fast enough. Instead of looking at what's coming and switching to asocial mode (which is dangerous to the attacker(s)) they try to handle it socially -- even if they attempt to use force, they're fighting, not going for surviving.

#2 Predators recognize when someone is willing to flip this switch. Attacking someone who is willing to flip this switch is dangerous to the the attackers. This is a critical component for causing them to veer off and not attack.

While I can give you hundreds of tips about preventing yourself from being targeted, without this willingness, they are cars without engines.

Yet, the willingness alone isn't enough either. Without the combination of nut's and bolts details and the willingness to step outside social scripts you got nothin'

Conversely, you gotta be able to correctly identify what you are dealing with BEFORE you decide to react socially or asocially. Otherwise it's a fast track to jail and prison.

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