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A lot of people recommend, when facing multiple opponents, grabbing one of them to use as a human shield/hostage; i.e. "stay back or I break his arm/rip his throat out/whatever." What do you think of this advice, both tactically and legally?

So what do I do when I'm walking down a dark alley and have $20 hanging out of my pockets and I'm jumped by 27 ninjas with uzis...? (27 Ninjas scenario)


I have 99 problems and 86 of them are completely made up scenarios in my head I'm stressing about for no logical reason


They're coming up with ingenious solutions for non-existent problems (Peyton Quinn)


They're coming up with fantasy solutions to fantasy problems

Or -- my personal favorite --

These guys have never been in these situations so what they're doing is like virgins claiming they can teach you everything you need to know about sex because they've watched a lot of porn. The only people who are going to be impressed are other virgins.

But way more important than that is you need to read this link and then have a long sit down and think about what it means to your approach to training

People want simplistic, 'you just do (fill in the blank)' answers to the scenarios they imagine in their heads to scare themselves. The first lie you tell yourself when you scare yourself is that this is reasonable to be thinking this way.

Human conflict behavior is WAY more complicated than that.

Can that strategy work? Yeah... sometimes. Other times someone will pull a gun out and shoot through him to get to you.

You need very specific conditions for it to work.

First and foremost you have to be able to get the guy into a position where he cannot resist.

I call this a Mountain Man Rabbit Stew issue. (Mountain Man Rabbit Stew recipe: Step one. Catch  a rabbit) If you don't get that first step the rest of it doesn't matter. More than that, you have to be able to do it F.A.S.T!!!!!

If the guy can resist, if he can keep on fighting you, while you're trying to control him, his friends will bust your skull. So if you can't get him helpless rattlesnake quick, you ain't caught a rabbit so the rest of the MMRS recipe is useless.

Second, rendering someone helpless is comparatively easy next to getting him into a position where you can immediately snap something off. Sticking with MMRS recipe analogy, oh good for you, you've caught a rabbit, except you're in the desert with no water. It ain't gonna be stew tonight.

So now you gotta get him helpless twist him up so you're a thin read cunt hair from snapping him, all of this rattlesnake quick. And then you gotta stop just in time before you damage him.

Because if you do, they'll attack you. That's problem number three. Going really really fast and then stopping just in time.

Problem number four is it depends on who you grab. Is the guy a high ranking member of the group (in which there's a good chance of them stopping) or is he just some tag-along they don't give a shit about?

Problem 4A is the higher ranking folks also tend to be harder to get into these holds.

Problem number five is it really depends on who they are and what they consider acceptable losses. This strategy will work with some groups, others, they'll just mob you for daring to fuck with them.

Problem number six is it really depends on what you did to put yourself into the situation. Like I said, there are some groups who will shoot through that person to get to you. While still others will let that person be torn up because they're coming in to tear you up and you'll be busy.

See, no simple answers.  

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